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painting freedom


Welcome to What Nade Made

- a world of colour, creativity, and joy!

I'm Nade, an artist who pours my heart, soul  (and dance moves!) into every piece I create, infusing each one with passion and a sense of playfulness.

Whether you’re looking for a statement painting, framed floral or fab piece of fibre art for your space, my collection of vibrant art  & bold textiles is sure to bring a smile to your face!

vibrant art & fab textiles!


I love to play & experiment with mark making, colour and shape across the mediums of textiles, print & painting.

I usually create with my headphones on (as you will see if you follow me on insta!)  and I believe that the actual process of creating is the key to exciting art! 

My clients & collectors tell me that they are drawn to the energy & joy that my pieces convey, that they can actually see the fun within the piece! That is always music to my ears as I always have such fun creating, I would say its more than a passion, it kinda consumes me really!

Embroidering Joy

As a member of The Society for Embroidered Work (S.E.W.) I am a firm believer that 'Stitched Art Is Art'.

For me, textiles provide an alternative source of experimentation, that I haven't found with paint. 

I love the three dimensional aspect that can be created as well as the purity of colour & tactile nature of the work. 

 Whilst I love the traditional styles of embroidery, I love to experiment by adding found or hand made objects, beads, felt and sections of fabrics that I have printed or drawn onto.

Nade Simmons' textile art
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