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There are two things in life that I love other than painting - one is camping and the other is the countryside. These studies form a series of works which were created during a late summer holiday last September. We stayed at a beautiful campsite in Cambridgeshire, UK and were fortunate enough to see the most AMAZING summer evenings which scorched the landscape with the most beautiful palette and hazy light. 


These pieces were originally studies to bring home to work further onto larger canvases however they are lovely little gems in their own right. They are painted onto canvas board which are adhered to a simple raw wood frame. I gave the frame a loose coat of white paint so that the pine still shows through - I love that natural feel it gives and it really makes the colours pop!


Created with acrylic paint, neopastel water solubles and charcoal they measure approx 30 x 30 cm in size and have been finished with a coat of spray fixative.


  • Approx 30 x 30 cm

    Lanscape study in mixed media on canvas board. Framed with adhesive to shabby chic white painted frame.

    As a study, this piece may have some visible clear adhesive and small dinks in the wooden frame, reflected in the price.

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